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Welcome to Progressive Survey Solutions

We are an experienced surveying, mapping and planning company that primarily works in Western Canada. We have been involved in mining, transmission line, hydro, transportation, residential, and commercial projects.

We believe in mutli-talented staff, software, and equipment to deliver the fastest and most comprehensive results for our clients.  Whether you require a plan, a map, or physical stakes in the ground, our team is committed to meeting your needs with excellence.






Our objectives consist of:


  • Supplying construction clients with pre-design, layout, and as-built surveys
  • Producing hard copy, digital maps and plans for planning or as-built inspection
  • Communicating with equipment operators and Site managers to ensure quality of work
  • Georeferencing precise location of area of interest
  • Monitoring and communicating potential problems to Engineers, Site managers, Superintendents or Architects with logistical plans and offer solutions based on findings
  • Calculating earth work volumes and provide scheduling data


Our services and delivery:

  • Detailed topographic surveys, digital terrain models and plans
  • Precise construction layout: structural, architectural, civil, dam, highway slope stake out, underground mining, power line corridor, open pit, blast pattern, etc
  • Control Surveys, GPS static and conventional
  • Geotechnical monitoring: Slope stability, tunneling convergrence, rock walls
  • Meticulous field analysis for financial optimization of project
  • Hands-on Construction Quality Control and inspection of geometry
  • Comprehensive As-Built final plan and spreadsheet of project
  • Dedicated to meet deadlines and improve productivity

    If you are interested in a partnership, we would be pleased to set up a meeting with you, just contact us!
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